Management Committee
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Council of Management
(Managing Trustees)



Chairman   Sue Albery   Mary French
Vice Chairman   Maggie Hall   Dawn Burrage
Hon. Secretary   Jean Armour-Milne   Joyce Shaw
01273 493814   email:>   David Geere
Hon. Treasurer   Sue Plassing   Pauline Mhadhebi
Camera Club   Rosemary Goodwin   Christina Szwarc
Horticultural Society   Liz Johnson   Chantael Brookshaw
Local History Society   Gordon Hollway      
Playgroup   Mia Pullen   Booking Clerk
Thursday Club   Pat Harmes   Cleaner/Caretaker
Bramber PC   Michael Tilley  

Julie Bakter

Upper Beeding PC   Bob Harber  

01903 816790

Pilates   Sue Albery (Chairman)  

07842 665659

Bowls Club   Jean Armour-Milne (Secretary)      

Holding Trustees

The Official Custodian of Charities, this was done in September, 1935      

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